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Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 6 "Our Future" Discussion.

You know at first, I thought they're gonna name him Wing Zeromon xDD I mean seriously, the long metallic gundam-like body complete with WINGS, a SWORD & a CANNON. Aaannnndddd~~~ Battleship LIBRA anyone?.

Goodthing it's not Omnimon X. Cannot imagine the damage all delete would do.

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I saw my childhood flash before my eyes.

Glad I found this 😊😊😊

You cannot play Butterfly in any shape or form without getting my undivided attention.

You said it. I seriously don’t know how they plan to answer all of the questions they have presented within 94 MINUTES! The only way I could see them do this is by making a sequel to digimon adventure tri but one can only hope..

[Digimon Italia] DIGIMON ADVENTURE tri. - Trailer Capitolo 1 Rincontro (Full HD Sub-Ita)

Thank you

Tai is diplomat who has relation with the real world and digimon world of course he is the leader for a reason

The long awaited final chapter for Digimon Adventure tri. releases today! You can discuss any and all things related to Our Future here.. This thread will contain spoilers so if you haven't seen Our Future yet, turn back now!. Please keep any other submissions or comments that are not in this thread tagged as a spoiler for at least two weeks so that community members have time to watch it..

0:01 I realised I have this sound as a notification sound in my smartphone...

I laugh at the idea that the 02 kids are stronger than the originals...02 had to severely nerf the originals just so the 02 kids could be at their level This was a positive and funny review 😊👏👏👏👏👏


Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future Full Movie. You guys go build the future. Dream big! - Daigo Nishijima Trailer for the final chapter of the Digimon Adventure tri. series! "Our Future" will be released in Japan on May 5, 2018! Digimon Adventure tri. The Movie Chapter 6: Our Future Review When will the other chapters be uploaded? Sorry, i'm just really desperate to watch them and I can't find a place to watch theme film Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future streaming


I Hate some much Digimon , is not Cheapest copy of Pokemon and Evangelion ; don't make more that Dissapoint me

so theres a scene with kari, t.k. and patamon in a room and another shot of gennai by a doorway. I think these might be the same scene, and hope dare i say it some info on the 02 cast.. Watch Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no Mirai full episodes online English Sub.Other titles: Digimon tri. 6, Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Our Future. Synopsis: Sixth and final Digimon Adventure tri film..


This look doped Watch Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future Cartoon Online Full Movie on KissCartoon in high quality. Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future Full Movie Free cartoons online, Watchcartoononline, Toonova, English dub anime.. Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future ||Full★Movie. I enjoyed the movie. What happened to Himekawa? Why so many cliffhangers and loose ends? I demand more movies/episodes!






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